As a seafood processor and cold storage, we specialize in supporting program business related to inventory and seafood production that supports products to the retail and food service users under quality practices exceeding rigid global food certifications.

Each action we employ embodys the efforts sales efforts of our customers We offer many services designed to serve as an extension of your sales efforts, whether a la carte or grouped into value bundles.

Our services embody the best place to manufacture, package and store seafood in the Northwest.

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Cold Locker Processing

-Tempering by air or water
-Sizing portions, fillets and H&G
-Grading, packing, repacking and boxing
-Blast freezing, glazing and preservation
-Vacuum packaging
-Value-add saucing
-Random and fixed weight
-Cutting, sectioning and splitting

Cold Locker Storage

-Chill, frozen, dry storage
-Blast freezing services
-Container plug-ins and loading / unloading
-Short term, long term and cross dock storage services
-Kitting and Packing services
-Audited HACCP plan for food safety

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