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Seafood Processing and Packaging

We portion, fillet, and pack seafood products. Whether we start with whole or gutted fish, fresh or frozen, we create ready-to-cook portions for trade or food service markets.

Choose your own cuts, add any marinades or rubs, and even opt to have your trims and off-cuts turned into skinless, boneless meat packs.

When it comes to packaging, choose from among IQF, vacuum pack film, and the popular 10K OTR tray packs. We can even pack your product straight into your company’s own unique custom packaging.

Cold Locker’s processing, packaging, and cold storage operations are housed under a single roof, which means we save you the time, money, and carbon-footprint of sourcing two separate facilities, while ensuring the utmost freshness of product.

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Cold Storage

We provide a range of temperature-controlled storage solutions for all commodities awaiting further production, trading, and inspection. Cold Locker supports ad-hoc requests for cross-docking, consolidation, re-works, and re-delivery, providing short and long-term storage.

Our facility houses a -40F blast freezer, a -10F freezer, a 35F cooler, and ambient storage at 55-60F.

We utilize RF technology to manage up to 11 million pounds of inventory, providing real-time product traceability online.

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Pristine Product

Cold Locker is strategically located in the Seattle-Tacoma area to support product from Alaska and the Greater Northwest – regions known for their superior quality, environmentally-sourced seafood.

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Refrigerated Local Delivery

Cold Locker offers refrigerated LTL and TL transportation. Our refrigerated, GFSI-certified facility is located near regional grocery and club warehouses and food distributors, making us the ideal choice in the Northwest for consolidation and cross-docking.


Direct-to-Consumer Shipping

Cold Locker is now equipped to ship products directly to your customers! We process your customer’s order, package it with your company’s label, and ship it straight to your customer’s door.

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10K OTR Tray Packs

We are proud to offer 10K OTR tray packs as a popular packaging option for fresh or frozen seafood. These packages are an excellent option for you and for your customers because they are covered in a 10K OTR film. This film is oxygen-permeable to prevent anaerobic bacteria growth, while keeping product sealed from environmental contaminants like water, dust, dirt, chemicals, and more. The film also reduces handling of your products before it reaches your consumer.

Additionally, these trays make preparation easier for your customers. Seafood does not have to be removed from the tray to freeze or thaw; both can be done right in the 10K OTR tray pack.

Give your customer the best seafood experience possible with 10K OTR packaging. Contact us today to learn more!